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An innovative startup with unique expertise

We are a biotechnology company located in The Netherlands developing promising small molecule based therapies. We have discovered a novel mechanism that is based on selective intra-cellular functional protein expression inhibition, selectively occurring only in stressed and infected cells. Based on this novel mode of action, our portfolio of leads was designed and developed. Preclinical results so far have shown promising results.

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Our Therapeutic Portfolio


Acute Ischemic Stroke

Stroke is the leading cause of long term disability in developed countries and one of the top causes of mortality worldwide.


Heart Failure

Despite improvements in therapy, the mortality rate of the estimated 23 million people with HF worldwide is still unacceptably high.


Alzheimer’s Disease

The estimated 53 million people with AD are affected from the low numbers of medication that reach the clinic, calling for a more stringent preclinical phase.


Viral Infections

The emergence of new viruses into the human population threatens global health and economic stability, as observed with the COVID-19 outbreak. Although virus-specific vaccines and therapeutic antibodies are possible solutions to this problem, it takes significant time (on average ten years) and capital ($2.8 to 3.7 billion per vaccine) to develop these interventions. Besides, the ongoing evolution of viruses may cause vaccines to become ineffective. Therefore, there is an urgent need for antiviral drug therapies that can be effectively applied for any viral disease, regardless of the virus type.

Why Collaborate With Us

Commercialization of drug candidates

After preclinical development of new drug candidates, Saillant Therapeutics is interested in pursuing licensing agreements with established pharmaceutical and biotech companies to enable further clinical development, registration and commercialization.


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Our Recent Work



In recent years, Saillant has conducted experiments with a small molecule called ST-01.

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Drug efficacy

Our most recent experiments in validated animal models demonstrated efficacy and proof of concept in the various portfolio indications.



Based on these findings, we started designing, synthesizing and testing a pipeline of unique analogues.



Analogues are uniquely designed by Saillant, without any conflicting patents within heart failure therapy applications.

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Various applications

 We develop novel pharmaceutical approaches to counter tissue loss, which is applicable to a variety of diseases, providing patients a better quality of life.


Antiviral therapy

Saillant is advancing its ST-01 platform towards the treatment of viral diseases.

Experts in the field

Meet Our Team

Dr. Hamid el Azzouzi


Expert cardiovascular researcher with extensive experience in conducting preclinical experiments.

Dr. Ad van Gorp

Dr. Ad van Gorp

Non Executive Director and Chairman

Expert in pharmaceutical entrepreneurship, driving pharmaceutical deal-making.

Ready to Make a Change?

By our full preclinical package, we work together with our partners throughout the process until the commercialization of a drug candidate.